Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the four elected officers of the Board, the chairs of the three standing committees, the executive director, and the immediate past president. The activities of the Executive Committee are to manage interim business and make decisions, to conduct business specifically referred to it by the Board, and to propose policies and procedures for Board consideration. Major decisions are subject to ratification by the Board.

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Program Standing Committee

The Program Committee oversees core cultural and educational programs sponsored directly by I-House as well as collaborative programs with other organizations. The committee oversees the art program, language courses, Connections, the Friendship Program, the International Festival, children’s programs, and other regularly scheduled and one-time events.

Robert Blake, Co-Chair Program Standing Comm
Krystyna von Henneberg, Co-Chair Program Standing Comm
Susan Moore, Finance Committee
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Development Standing Committee

The Development Committee oversees membership, business membership, fundraising, endowment, and planned giving.

Easan Katir, Co-Chair Development Standing Comm
Lou Ziskind, member
Phyllis McCalla, member

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Facilities Standing Committee

The Facilities Committee oversees issues regarding the physical house and grounds owned by International House Davis.

Bob Halferty, Co-Chair Facilities Standing Comm
Liz McCapes, member

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Finance Standing Committee

Sharon Henn, Co-Chair Finance Standing Comm
Susan Moore, Co-Chair Finance Standing Comm
Robert Blake, Co-Chair Program Standing Comm
Bob Halferty, Co-Chair Facilities Standing Comm
Easan Katir, Co-Chair Development Standing Comm
Lou Liskind, I-House Executive Director
Liz McCapes, Past President
Phyllis McCalla, President

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Nominations Committee


Art Commitee

Friendship Program Committee

International Festival Davis Steering Committee