Boom, boom out go the lights!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this Nov. 20 Thanksgiving dinner a huge success. We seated 100 people in the Community Room with tables decorated in white and birch. Literally, birch limbs were used to decorate. Homan did an AMAZING job with the decorations. Others brought turkeys, pies (Davis Discovery Church rocks!) or food of one kind or another. Others helped set up and clean up. Others were here just in case something happened from Hadassah to Marta to Marilyn to Lenice. Circle K superstars Nanette and Duy and servers Walt and Diane and emcee Jay and the pie cutters and kitchen cleaners Luz and Anna and the Big Brain James Williams and a series of smaller brains each helped. Chef Andy Burtis, you rock, too!
After about three-quarters of the guests had gone throught buffet line, the lights went out and stayed out until 5:30 a.m. SUNDAY. Can you imagine cleaning up in the pitch black? Fortunately we had plenty of tea lights. And the hot water lasted until most of the dishes were done. Loshan and Suzanne, Anna and Luz did a terrific job. Not to mention David and Teri. How romantic was a black-out? It was an evening to remember.

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