Calling all would-be artists

On Feb. 24, a very successful “Art Healing” program was held at
International House Davis, which attracted about 25 people from the
Davis/Sacramento area. Taught by husband and wife team of Bahram
Khamjani and Jaleh Alavi, everyone became an artist, using canvases
printed with Op Art-style figures from Marilyn Monroe to Michael
Jackson. All supplies were provided by the artists. “Everyone can
paint,” said Khamjani.
“The program was a joyful experience for all the participants coming
from different ages and professions,” said Tata Monfared. of Senses
Cultural. And if you missed the first class, don’t worry because the
next event, also at International House, 10 College Park,Davis, is
taking place Sunday, March 24, also from 2 to 5 p.m.
The artists said that all stresses and worries leave as people begin
working on their canvases, hence the healing part of “art healing.”
On March 24, students (singles, seniors, families — all are invited)
will be working on cardboard for free and on canvas for $30. The theme
will be expressionism.
If there are individuals interested in a drawing and painting classes,
Khamjani said he would be willing to organize a class ahead of the 2
p.m. meeting. Monfared said she hopes that a continued series of Art
Healing programs will lead to financial support for Senses Cultural
philanthropic programs, including the making of a BYkids film in
Afghanistan. Reach her at: