Meet Cara Patton, environmental storyteller, on Aug. 19


“Planting Seeds of Peace” is the title of an interactive performance that will focus on environmental consciousness and how people — especially kids — can make a difference. The storyteller will be Children’s Storytelling veteran Cara Patton, a former teacher at the Peregrine School.
“We will begin with a short yoga routine, growing from a seed to a big tree and ending as a community forest,” she said. “We will share ideas about why trees are important to us and other living creatures.”
The storytelling portion will focus on Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan environmental and political activist, who helped form the Green Belt Movement, which lead to the planting of millions of trees.
“Lastly, we will share about how we can make a difference in our town of Davis and share in a closing meditation,” she said.
The program will begin at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 19, at International House Davis, 10 College Park. The program is free for members, others are asked to contribute $2 per child or $5 for a family.
Patton grew up in Winters and came to Davis to study sociology and African-American Studies. While working toward her undergraduate degree, she became very interested in education as a vehicle toward social justice. She became involved in many organization that lead her to work directly with children.
She especially enjoyed her work as an intern at the International House in several children’s programs including the International Summer Camp for two consecutive summers.
After working as a classroom counselor in the Bay Area, Patton decided to come back Davis to pursue her multiple subject teaching credential and Masters in Education. After finishing her graduate work she was hired at Peregrine School, an independent school that emphasizes sciences and the arts in the curriculum with a child-centered focus.
Patton decided to take a break from the classroom setting but continues to seek opportunities where she can interact with children in authentic ways in natural settings, specifically to help inspire people to make a difference in their own lives and the world.
“We traditionally took a break from storytelling during the summer,” said Elisabeth Sherwin, executive director. “But Davis has so many visitors who are here just for the summer that we decided to offer the storytelling program monthly from January through November or 11 months a year. We won’t meet in December.”
But in September, “The Amazing Mr. Hasbeen” will return to I-House for the storytelling program on Sunday, Sept. 16 also at 2 p.m. Mr. Hasbeen is a magician who is known to many in Davis as Mark Nemmers, the owner of the former downtown bookstore Bogey’s Books.
“He gives a wonderfully clever magic show that will appeal to children and adults,” added Sherwin. “If you miss him on Sept. 16, he will also appear at our International Festival on Saturday, Oct. 6, at the Veterans’ Memorial Center. The theater at the VMC will be home to children’s events and acts and he will appear on stage.”