Country tables at International Festival 2012

At our International Festival 2012, we will have more than 25 “country tables” representing countries and areas of the world. “We  are delighted that many participants from last year are returning and that we are welcoming some newcomers, too,” said Ann Gunion, chair. New participants this year: Afghanistan, Cuba, Chile, Syria, Poland, Spain and Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada.

“Each country table will have something hands-on for children to do,” she added.  They will include Chilean games, bead necklaces (Africa), writing your name in Chinese, face painting (Egypt), puzzles (France), making diya or clay lamps (India), coloring (Italy and Russia), origami (Japan), demonstrations of musical instruments (Cuba), trivia game (Spain).

Additionally, children will receive passports to be stamped at each table. After a certain number of stamps, you will receive a prize. Please join us at the free-admission festival on Oct. 6 at the Veterans’ Memorial Center.