Friendship Program looking for local hosts

International House Friendship Program now recruiting Local Host Families.
Imagine yourself thousands of miles from home in a foreign culture, where you must adapt to a new environment. Would you appreciate a supportive and welcoming Local Host?
International House’s Friendship Program provides just that, by matching international visitors, students and scholars with a local host family. For the visitors, the local family is a window on aspects of American culture and a way to help familiarizes them with the Davis community. For the family, it’s a relationship that provides a unique opportunity to learn about another culture and develop a new friendship.
Meeting for coffee, inviting them to your home for dinner or holiday celebrations, joining them on campus or in the community for special events, going to the Farmers Market…are just some of the many activities you can engage in.
Local families interested in the program are invited to pick up a Local Host application at the International House or go to If you have any questions regarding the program please email Lorrie Bortuzzo at