Harmony on the harmonium Jan. 21

RAAGMALA & CALAA present “Harmony on the Harmonium: a Lecture Demonstration by VIVEK DATAR” on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012 from 5 pm to 7 pm at International House Davis with general tickets $7, students $5.
The Harmonium was invented in 1840 by Alexandre Debain in Paris. During the mid-19th century the harmonium was introduced to India. Though derived from the designs developed in France, the harmonium was developed further in India in unique ways.
Structurally, the harmonium retained most of the original features, although Indian musicians have done lot of experimentation with harmonium tuning. Similar to piano, the traditional method is to tune using generic (also known as tempered) tuning. It can also be tuned in what is known as Gandhar tuning (or just intonation). Vivek Datar is an accomplished Harmonium player from the Bay Area. He will present an educational lecture demonstration where he shares his expertise on Harmonium tuning. He will be interviewed by Milind Kulkarni.
You will learn: what tuning is, what generic tuning is, what is different about Gandhar tuning and how tuning can help your musical appreciation. You will learn why singers and tabla players seem to spend a lot of concert time tuning their instruments. Datar will give a tuning demonstration using a website available on the net. Some of you will be able to perform actual tuning. Datar will also play a solo on the Harmonium accompanied by Prof V. Sundaresan from UCD on the Tabla.
All proceeds will go to a music school in India: Akhil Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Vashi, Mumbai. For more information contact: jayanti_s@yahoo.com.

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