Letter from Holly Carter

Dear International House members:
What an amazing night for BYkids on Oct. 23, so generously hosted and provisioned by iHouse and Elisabeth Sherwin, in collaboration with Senses Cultural. I am glad BYkids was able to share two of our first films with you and get such enthusiastic feedback. Your support for our mission of bringing the powerful stories of young people from around the world to help bring peace is priceless. The ideas and enthusiasm generated will go a long way toward our success. Thanks to all of you who left busy lives and young kids to make it a night to remember – first of many. I look forward to continue the conversation with each of you to find how you would most like to contribute to our success and sustainability: We are raising $200,000 to make the film in Afghanistan. We are looking for innovative ways to distribute our films in the college community and within the international community. We are developing corporate partnerships to continue to make these films and get them to the widest possible audience. I am thrilled to have such commitment on the West Coast! Deep thanks to all of you. Love, Holly (holly@bykids.org)

BYkids believes that we can understand the world’s challenges — and how to best meet them — through the personal stories of young people. BYkids is a global movement that uses storytelling through film to inform, engage and inspire action. BYkids provides kids around the world with the training and the video cameras to make short documentaries about their lives. Renowned filmmakers mentor these young people in the art of filmmaking. Through innovative distribution platforms, BYkids films enable fresh, new perspectives to be seen and shared by a global community. Millions of people are joining our movement by seeing our films, developing educational programming and supporting our work. Join us at www.BYkids.org.