Lots of stuff at Oct. 1 International Festival

On Oct. 1 at the International Festival you will be able to purchase unusual and delectable non-alcoholic drinks from Suanne Klahorst featuring Persian Peace Punch (pomegranate and lime) for Middle East and U.S., Pacific Rim Ginger Ale (ginger and lime) for Australia, Japan, China and the U.S. and Congo Coco Tammy (tamarind, pineapple and coconut) for Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico and the Pacific Islands!
There will be tons for kids to do at the International Festival on Oct. 1! Hands-on items from the Amazon, reading corner with John “Big John” Pamperin, mask-making for kids, and rides with the Whirled Peace Bicycle Guy. Fun!
When you come to the International Festival on Oct. 1, 2011 at the VMC you will be able to buy food from Delta of Venus, Raja’s Indian Cuisine, Stonegate Pastry and Queen of Sheba. Stay tuned for more….

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