Mandarin Class Smashing Success

My name is Jennifer Hsieh and I’m the volunteer Instructor for the Chinese (Mandarin) Conversation Class at International House Davis on Thursdays at 7 p.m. I’m very thankful I had the opportunity to become a language class instructor here. I’m learning to become a better teacher as well as learning new things within my own culture and language. Mandarin, the most common Chinese dialect, is the standard spoken and written language art in China.
I rejoice at every improvement my students make. I’m greatly satisfied to know my students grasped a new concept that was taught by me. I think I’m beginning to understand the rewarding sense of being proud of my students as an instructor.
When I asked my students why they want to learn Mandarin, the reason is different for everyone but nevertheless Mandarin just intrigues them. Some studied the history of China/Asia, others traveled to Mandarin-speaking countries, and a few simply wanted to learn a new language.
Most of my students started out having zero knowledge, others with more expereience came to my class to polish their pronunciation. Enthusiastic and humorous are the top traits that promote a positive learning enviornment. Now, won’t you join me in my Mandarin class this Thursday?

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