Mandarin Students Respond

Jennifer’s students like her class! Here’s what a few of them have to say:
“This Mandarin class is very interesting and Jennifer is very kind and very helpful. I really appreciate that she gives her time to us every week.” –Brigitte

“I-House has given me the opportunity to study Mandarin at an easy and slow pace. I don’t know of any other place that would give me this opportunity in this area.” –Bob Scofield

“I just began conversational Mandarin at I-House, and am very pleased that the class welcomed and took me aboard. We have the chance to practice forming vocab into sentences and refining pronunciation and I have throughly enjoyed getting a start on this intriguing language in such a friendly enviornment.” –Robert Ainsworth

“The class has been very helpful: (1)for learning pronunciation + how pronunication relates to Pinyin. (2) for learning sentence structure.” –Anonymous

“Well organized + enthusiastic teacher. Challenging. Welcoming class. Great People. Love the opportunity to learn Chinese + grateful I-House offers class. Fun.” –Connie

“Coming from zero background in Mandarin this class is very enlightening & easy to follow. I have learned so much, from counting to colors to making conversation this class is amazing! Jennifer makes this class easy to follow & understand.” –Ramsi

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