Big, big New Year celebration coming Dec. 30

Get set for our BIG Year’s End All-Star Bash, on Sunday, Dec 30, 7 – 10 pm at “Sundays at I-House.” Entertainers for the evening:
Belle Francisco (pop-rock band), Dan Barker (cello…with duet partner), Nada Brahma (Matt Grasso on Sitar with Parteek Bansal on tabla), The Midnight Jazz Trio (Robert Blake on guitar, Tim on trumpet, and Travis on bass), Camila Ortiz (singer / guitarist), T-Rosemond & Toby Seeger (singer + guitarist),
some members of Tha Dirt Feelin, Drumsum (Mid-Eastern / tribal drum and digeridoo by Rex Womack), Aaron Jessup (performance art, juggling, spoken word), Gianna Biagi (Singer / guitarist) plus other surprises! For more information about the evening or the acts, contact your host, James Williams <>.This will be the last cross-cultural extravaganza until March 3, 2013, when the open mic Sundays will start up again on the first and last Sundays of the month.  This is a free event for all ages. Many thanks, James!