Next art healing is Sunday, April 28: Everyone invited

The third Art Healing workshop  will take place at International House Davis on Sunday,April 28 between 2 and 5 p.m. This class is free and all levels of ability are invited: children, adults, seniors and students.  Bahram Khanjani is the artist who will help lead the workshop. The first class looked at Pop Art, the second at the work of Miklosh Nemeth. On April 28, the works of Pablo Picasso will be used as a starting point. Cardboard canvases will be free and stretched canvasses will be $30. 

 The workshop is sponsored by Senses Cultural and International House Davis. 

“If the weather is fine, we will meet outside on April 28,” said Tata Monfared, founder of Senses Cultural.

Founders of the Art Healing program, husband and wife Bahram Khamjani and Jaleh, will be present at the second Saturday downtown art event in Midtown Sacramento on April 13.  Look for them!

For more information,  contact Tata Monfared at