Pre-festival potluck drew a crowd

Thanks to everyone who came to last night’s Pre-festival Potluck  in preparation for the big International Festival 2012 on Oct. 6! We had lots of delicious food and several people came in national dress from Vice President Mary Philip to Lux and Chithra to Marta Beres and the Hamza El Nakhals. Frank Roe took photos, Lorrie Bortuzzo welcomed people at the main desk, and Robert Blake brought a delicious Spanish tortilla. After Julie Sontag’s class let out, she joined the fun. James Williams sang beatifully, accompanied by a Norwegian guitarist. Twin brothers from Iran made an appearance and so did Andy Rathbone from Davis Awards. Gorgeous Sandy Holman was there with some of her peeps. Ann Gunion helped greatly as did Fa Lu Liao. We were sorry that the chancellor couldn’t make it but appreciate that her schedule is somewhat frantic. Namdi and Miranda Barnes and baby Grayson made a rare public appearance.  Forty to fifty people total filled the Community Room.