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Wish Lists

Contributing to our wishlists is an easy way to make a difference at I-House while knowing exactly where your money is going.  Consider contributing to one of the wish list categories below.  Wishlists will be updated periodically. Thank you!

Contribute to our Flag Inventory!

Is there a country or region that you love and want to see represented in our community? Consider buying a flag and donating it to International House Davis. I-House uses these flags to promote multi-cultural events, in the Picnic Day parade, during Sister City events, and during International Festival Davis. We also lend flags to UC Davis and community organizations when they hold internationally themed events or welcome international visitors.

To adopt a flag, please purchase one of the flags listed on our Amazon Flag Wish List. You can buy these flags on Amazon, from a local retailer, or donate one you already have. Flags should be 3′ x 5′ in size and bring/mail it to 10 College Park, Davis, CA 95616.