Internationals and Americans meet weekly to socialize, share their joys, and help each other with their problems. Connections has been greeting newcomers to the Davis area for decades.  Based on simple kindness and an interest in making friends from all over the world, members host an open-house coffee every Wednesday morning. Each week at least one new arrival hears about Connections and arrives at the door to be greeted by friendly faces who can make adjusting to a new environment a pleasant adventure. All are welcome and when you attend you will see babies and grandmothers, students, and professionals. You may even meet someone from your home country!

The group meets Wednesday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. and participants bring their children of any age. There is no fee to join and no need to call ahead to attend.

The program is open to young and old alike as well as both men and women who work during the day and students of all ages. Come join us to practice your English or tell us about your country or ask us questions about Davis and Yolo County.

There is a parking lot available and permits offered for legal street parking. Those without transportation can call International House for a ride.

Questions? Please contact Nancy Foytik at  530-758-5862, Chris Shackel at 530-756-8501 or the I-House Executive Director Lou Ziskind by email or phone at 530-753-5007.