Great Decisions 2017

Great Decisions 2017

(International House Davis and Davis United Methodist Church collaboration)

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017: U.S. Foreign Policy and Petroleum

7-9pm at Davis United Methodist Church Sanctuary

Speakers : Jim Tischer and Robert Maderis

What is the effect of U.S. petroleum security on foreign policy? For 45 years, the country has alternated between periods of energy security and insecurity, sometimes able to wield petroleum as a useful instrument of foreign policy, sometimes not. Despite the so-called “energy revolution,” the U.S. today is by no means disentangled from foreign dependence and global trends. In order to be successful, policymakers must recognize both petroleum security circumstances and patterns in the relationship between petroleum and foreign policy.

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017: Latin America’s Political Pendulum

7-9pm at Davis United Methodist Church Sanctuary

Speaker: Dr. Charles Walker

The pendulum of Latin American politics is swinging rightward once again. Yet as the “pink tide” recedes, the forces of change have more to do with socioeconomic than ideology. Dramatic economic and political crises have coincided in countries like Brazil and Venezuela. Still, the final result for Latin America may be the emergence of centrist, pragmatic modes of governance, and with them, opportunities for the U.S. to improve relations. The new administration must look beyond the neoliberal model of the 1990s, and develop an approach to relations fit for the 21st century.