2nd Friday ArtAbout

2nd Friday ArtAbout Exhibition

Twelve, month-long exhibits are presented each year at I-House Davis, most with an international theme. Opening receptions are held on the second Friday of the month from 6 to 8 pm. The public is invited to attend at no cost. Please see the I-House calendar for art exhibitions, receptions, and other art display information.

Artists interested in exhibiting their art should contact the Art Committee Chair, Jeffrey Granett, at (530) 756-1362, or fill out the I-House Art Show Application and submit the form and a sample of your work to the Art Committee during their next quarterly meeting. (Contact Jeffrey Granett for the next date.)

Current Exhibit: “Color, Texture, Form:  Finding My Vision” by Adam Bridge






Show Description: The show titled “Color, Texture, Form: Finding My Vision” is comprised of a series of either framed or dry-mounted floating images which explore the artist’s evolving vision as seen through photography and “natural media” enhancement.

Artist Biography: Adam Bridge grew up in Troy, Ohio a small town in the Miami Valley that, in its way, is close to Winesburg, Ohio or Raintree County, Indiana. He came to college in California from Ohio in 1966 at Menlo College, transferred to UC Davis in 1968, served seven years in the US Navy’s submarine service, and returned to UC Davis in 1977 to get my BSEE. The artist moved to Davis in 1980 and has lived in his current home, much remodeled, ever since.

Interested in photography since childhood, he began doing photography seriously in 2000 when he bought a Leica M6 and a 50mm lens. Adam shifted from film to digital in the mid-2000s and has been working in that media ever since. In 2015 he followed a group of students from the College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth, MN on a trip to Tanzania where they did a service project at two Benedictine Monasteries in the western part of that country, well away from the touristy areas. They returned in 2017. In 2018 they visited China, in the area around Guangzhou and later cruised in and around Venice and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Adam has grown to find himself fascinated with the combination of textures, colors and form: both natural and architectural. Exploring the possibilities provided by digital manipulation allows him to create an representational other times more abstract.