Storyteller Ormond will take kids around the world

Joyce Nan Ormond has been telling stories all her life. She will tell more stories from around the world on Sunday, Aug. 18, from 2 to 3 p.m. at the next International Storytelling program at I-House, 10 College Park.
Ormond was an only child who grew up on a small farm in West Sacramento. She amused herself by making up and sharing stories. When she became an elementary teacher in Clarksburg, she soon learned that stories were a powerful (and fun) learning tool, and she went on telling to children for the next 40 years! When Joyce retired, she discovered the Sacramento Storytellers Guild and decided to give adult storytelling a try. She has since developed an engaging style, and especially loves to tell adult stories about her childhood experiences and Sacramento history. She now tells stories to all ages at Guild meetings, festivals, schools and libraries, senior centers, and community celebrations. She gives workshops on storytelling and is available to coach storytellers. Joyce is an active member of the Guild, SAC, and the National Storytelling Network.