Thanks to Robert Landry

Well, on Wednesday afternoon we were trying to get all set for Friday’s barbecue/English class. Office Manager  Deborah Zavala ordered a new  gas barbecue. It was delivered in a timely fashion. Our caretaker, Robert Landry,  decided to set it up for a test run. Drama! None of the hardware that was supposed to come with the barbecue grill was in the packaging. Not a single screw. President Calvin Handy stood around making helpful suggestions. Yikes! What to do? Robert maintained his cool and decided to go to Ace and buy all the missing pieces…..but at the time of this posting it was not known whether he was successful. You’ll have to come to the barbecue and find out…..Could be we’ll end up roasting marshmallows and weiners over our old charcoal grill….BTW, we will have a vegetarian option at the dinner, 6 p.m., this Friday.

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