What a great barbecue!

About 40 people came to our English class/barbecue at I-House on Friday, Aug. 20. We had not one, not two but three chefs working over three charcoal grills. Robert Landry tried to put together the new gas grill but it was an exercise in frustration. Instead, we brought out the charcoal and had wonderful grilled sweet corn, hamburgers, hot dogs and tofu dogs. We had the barbecue on the back patio and spread into the back yard at 235 Russell. It was great. Photos will be coming soon. Thanks to Pam, Marilyn, Margaret, Robert, Liz, Joseph, the two Tims, the one Steve, Calvin and all the students from our five English classes including teachers Lee and Margaret and the many from Club International who came by, too. Cynthia, Deborah and Svetlana also assisted by prepping the tomatoes and vegetables that Robert supplied. Another great international team effort was a blast!

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